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Is Online Right For You?

Learn Online

Online learning is a popular way for people to get access to the courses and knowledge they need when they have busy schedules. Online courses break down barriers of time and space and provide flexible learning opportunities. However, flexibility does not mean less rigorous or less demanding. Coursework is still expected to be completed in accordance with faculty deadlines and the university’s academic calendar. It can seem isolating at times.  In many ways, online college courses can be more difficult than their traditional counterparts. The online environment is not for everyone.

While many of the skills demanded by online or other distance education courses are the same as those for live, face-to-face classes, certain particular skills seem to improve online students' success and overall satisfaction with an online course or program:


The academic calendar is the same. And moves quickly. We encourage students to keep up with lectures and required readings per the course syllabus. However, without that live lecture to attend each week, online students can easily forget to "attend class" or put it off for later.

Time management

Related to self-discipline. Online students can be distracted by many other things going on in their busy lives; study time should be scheduled, just like any other important activity.


Sometimes it can seem like an online student is all alone; use the communication tools available to contact faculty and other students. Reach out and contact support staff when you need additional assistance.


Being an online student is not a passive exercise.To be successful, online students must take a very pro-active approach to their learning and support. Some might argue even more than they would in a face-to-face class. Faculty and staff are often available to assist, but we cannot help solve an issue, when we do not know one exists.

If online learning suits your style and meets your needs, then consider enrolling at Illinois Tech. Consult Admission, or, if you are already a student, the current Class Schedule for details.

If online learning meets your needs and suits your style, consider enrolling at Illinois Tech. Visit Admission for details. If you are already an IIT student, review the current Class Schedule for details on offerings.