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Programs and Courses

Illinois Institute of Technology offers distance learning students a variety of programs and courses from almost every college, center, and institute at the university. At IIT both on-campus and distance students take the same courses from the same world-class faculty. Courses follow the same rigorous curriculum. Courses earn the same well-respected degrees. 

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Illinois Tech has a robust distance learning presence in India and elsewhere around the globe. These initiatives are coordinated by the IIT Office of International Affairs.

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The departments themselves are the best sources of current information regarding program requirements, courses, course specifics or prerequisites, and the like.

Program Information

Master of Biological Engineering

Master of Chemical Engineering

Beatrice Person
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.3533

Master of Food Process Engineering

Master of Food Safety and Technology

Todd Diel
Manager, Academic Programs and Initiatives
Phone: 708.563.8190

Master of Biomedical Imaging and Signals

Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master of Electricity Markets

Master of Power Engineering

Master of VLSI and Microelectronics

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Joanette Catino
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.7977

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering

Master of Network Engineering

Jessica Nicholson
Academic Program Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.3177

Master of Intellectual Property Management and Markets

IPMM Program Contact
Phone: 312.906.5259

Financial Markets Compliance

Financial Market Contact
Phone: 312.906.5074

Master of Science in Biology

Tanya Bekyarova, Ph.D.
Associate Chair
Phone: 312.567.3428

Master of Chemistry in Analytical Chemistry

Diep Nguyen, Ph.D.
Director, PSM of Analytical Chemistry Program
Phone: 312.567.8924

Master of Materials Chemistry

M. Ishaque Khan, Ph.D.
Director, Materials Chemistry Program
Phone: 312.567.3431

Master of Computer Science

Master of Telecommunication and Software Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Science

Eunice Santos, Ph.D.
Phone: 312.567.5150

Master of Health Physics

S.Y. Chen, Ph.D., CHP
Program Director
Phone: 312.567.3145

Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management

Master of Industrial Technology and Operations

Pamela Houser
Program Manager
Phone: 312.567.3584

Master of Information Technology and Management

Amber Chatellier
Department Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.5277