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Lecture Capture & Media Production and A/V Engineering

Lecture Capture

The Office of Digital Learning maintains 28 lecture capture rooms across campus. Most rooms are located in the Stuart Building and most auditoriums are also equipped to capture lectures.

The Office of Digital Learning automatically records and captures over 200 courses each semester. Most of these recordings are then automatically posted - typically within a few hours - in the course’s Blackboard shell, under Digital Learning Videos to support online courses. Please view IIT’s system requirements for viewing IIT Lecture Captures.

Departments may request lecture capture course recording for any course. First priority is given to internet/online courses (200+ courses currently). Then priority must be given to those courses already scheduled in lecture capture rooms due to space / capacity requirements. If there is space and time available, recordings will be scheduled. Departments will be charged $1,000.00 a semester to record a non-online course. Scheduling and room requests are handled in conjunction with the university’s course scheduling processes. Contact Chuck Scott,, or 312.567.5217 for details.

Custom Media Production

With our expertise in video, IIT Online is the university’s de facto media production unit. Priority is given to developing faculty content for courses, like pre-lab videos for Physics. However, each year, IIT Online also finds time to record and edit or stream a variety of Illinois Tech events, including speaker series, special events, faculty or staff meetings, and Commencement. In addition, the Office of Digital Learning assists Marketing and Communications in developing video content for IIT Today and assists the Athletics Department in recording sporting events.  IIT Online charges departments for its services. If you have an idea for a video or production, please contact John Kazibut,, or 312.567.7962 for details. 

A/V Design and Construction

The Office of Digital Learning provides design consultation and audio-visual (A/V) integration and installation for classrooms. We can also provide advice and recommendations on architectural, environmental, and space requirements. For assistance with a new A/V system design or operational training, please contact John Kazibut,, or 312.567.7962.

To report a problem or an issue with one of the lecture capture rooms, please submit a ticket to the Support Desk,, or call 312.567.3375 (on campus dial 7.3375 (7-DESK))